Acquired Brain Injury

We’re grateful for the support provided by colleagues at the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum and the National ABI Education and Learning Syndicate (N-ABLES). Their resources are complemented by materials from SEND Gateway and the Children’s Trust.

In addition, Oxfordshire County Council Education Psychology Service and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust have collaborated on a really useful and practical set of resources for schools.

  • What happens to the brain when it suffers an injury
  • How ABI affects children and young people’s learning
  • How to best support a young person with an ABI in school

All resources supplied with the kind permission of our friends at The National Acquired Brain Injury in Learning and Education Syndicate, The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum and the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Additional Resources

In addition to these resources, Whole School SEND regularly hosts events to support colleagues working with children and young people with acquired brain injuries; their website continues to be a strong source of information. An account is required for this website.

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